A Heads-Up to All Our Blog Visitors to Remember the Name “Roofing Wichita KS”

There is no joy waking up in the morning with rain water droplets falling on your face. This is what happened to one of our campaign workers from the Straight Not Narrow Club (Julie), and as you can imagine, she wanted to cry thinking about the money, time, and stress that is typical when construction work is needed.

Julie heard of a roofing contracting company located in her area: Roofing Wichita KS (http://www.roofingwichitaks.org) and decided to contact them.

After calming down from the thoughts of construction work, she called Roofing Wichita KS to find out the damage this would cost. The phone was answered in a friendly and professional manner, and they had just exactly the type of understanding Julie needed.

She explained what had taken place that morning, providing them with all the necessary information. The person on the phone informed her they could make it out to her home as early as this afternoon. She was relieved, grateful she didn’t need to wait.

No later than one that afternoon a roofing technician arrived. He was very professional, showing Julie his identification to prove who he was. Then he immediately began inspecting the area around the house to see if there was any noticeable damage.


Upon seeing none, he climbed onto the roof to get a look a close look. He found some shingles were loose, while others were completely missing. He also found where the leak was, and noticed damage on the lumber below the loose and missing shingles.

After coming down, he politely asked Julie about the age of her roof. She explained to him that it was more than fifteen years old.

Due to the age, damaged wood, loose and missing shingles on many parts of her roof, the technician informed her repairing only the leaking area would be a temporary fix. He suggested replacing her roof.

He explained the cost of replacement, and the process, assuring her there would be no stress put on her. After careful consideration, Julie decided to go with the replacement instead of quick repair.

Roofing Wichita KS finished replacing the roof in a timely manner. The roofing technicians did an amazing job and put no undue stress on her. Julie recommended them to all of us here at the Club, which is why I wanted to pass along this information.